Faculty of Global Studies

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School Details

The Musashino Girl’s School was established by Dr. Junjirou Takakusu (1866-1945) in 1924, based on the educational principle of “Buddhist-based Human Education”. Dr. Takakusu was the recipient of the prestigious Culture Award in 1944. The school was expanded as Musashino Women’s College in 1965, finally becoming a co-educational institution as Musashino University in 2003. The university consists of 16 Departments within 9 Faculties, as well as 9 Graduate Programs

Program Details

Department of Global Business

Students learn management and business using English as a common language with Japanese students in the Department of Global Business. This department features studying two languages other than your native language from English, Chinese and Japanese. This type of education fosters individuals who can be active in a global environment such as global companies including trading, finance and manufacturing companies as well as international agencies of Japanese and foreign companies.

About Scholarship

Musashino University has a number of scholarship options for students, as well as an exemption from the entrance fee (250,000 JPY) for international students.

Musashino University provides its own original scholarship system in order to carry out its mission of encouraging studies and research while sending unique and talented individuals out into society. Also, we offer a qualification assistance system which provides scholarships to students who pass an examination or reach a specified level

Scholarship/Bursary for Global Leaders

If you cleared specified level, you will be eligible to receive an annual non-repayable scholarship. (*excluding living costs)

Level Scholarship Amount Duration Total amount
Global-S Tuition 100% off
Educational Enrichments Fees 100% off
4 years Approx. 3,748,000 JPY
Global-A Tuition 100% off Approx. 2,800,000 JPY
Global-B Tuition 50% off Approx. 1,400,000 JPY
Global-C Tuition 30% off Approx. 840,000 JPY

Program Fee

For 2017 Spring Entry

Payment period Spring Autumn Total
Entrance Fees 250,000 JPY off for international applicants 0 JPY
Tuition Fees 350,000 JPY 350,000 JPY 700,000 JPY
Educational Enrichments Fees 81,000 JPY 81,000 JPY 162,000 JPY
Other Fees 10,600 JPY 6,000 JPY 16,600 JPY
Total 441,600 JPY 437,000 JPY 878,600 JPY

About Stay and Visit Guide

Kasai International Dormitory

Students have the option of living in a dormitory where international students and Japanese students live together.This dormitory is approximately 30 minutes from Ariake Campus by train and foot.

There are 86 rooms.

For international students

Monthly rent 35,000 JPY
Additionally administration costs 5,000 JPY


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